Why Asking for Help Is a Sign of Strength

Growing up under the strict and watchful eye of my father, my brothers and I were taught to be strong. He was a strong man; his steel blue eyes seemed to reflect authority, persistence, and focus.He valued independence and self-reliance, and he made sure we understood the importance of these qualities. The Martina men rarely […]

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Why the best coaches have their own coaches

What’s the difference between an ordinary coach and an extraordinary one?You may think it comes down to the methods they use. Or perhaps you suspect that experience is the key to mastery.Both of these explanations have merit, but in truth, the average coach begins the process of becoming extraordinary once they decided to get coached.Every […]

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Conscious Sisterhood

Today, I want to speak to the women in our community...Ladies, we have a challenge set before us. Are you up for it?Since the end of last year, I’ve been positioning myself to answer the call to create a global sisterhood. Through private events at the Sanctuary (my home in Asheville) like The Goddess Vision […]

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What is Epigenetics?

There is a revolution happening… a renaissance, a MASS awakening in the medical & spiritual worlds. It’s been happening quietly for some time now, but it’s really starting to catch on in the mainstream.What are we referring to?… EPIGENETICSEpigenetics is all about how genes can be switched on and off based on environmental factors. Before […]

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How Joy & Roy Met in Oy: A TRUE LOVE Story

Very soon, Roy and I are headed off to Italy to teach a 4 day workshop, the very same workshop where he and I first met almost 5 years ago to the day! And yes… we met in a place called, Oy! Crazy, right?!It was a truly magical, once-in-a-lifetime love story you hear about where two magnets […]

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Intentional Healing Is The Future…

Awaken The Healer Within Awaken My Inner Healer! ::PROGRAM STARTS MARCH 23, 2017::Discover How to Heal Yourself and Others with your Intention: Your health & happiness is precious. And sadly, there are two certainties in life: Either you get sick, or a loved one of yours gets sick… There’s nothing worse in life than feeling completely powerless […]

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Full Moon 12 March 2017: Time to Surrender & then Re-Emerge!

March’s Full Moon is commonly known as the Worm Moon; warmer temperatures thaw the winter ground and earth worms reemerge to nourish the migrating birds. The last Full Moon of the winter season, rising just eight days before the vernal equinox, or spring. In the U.S., the moon will be at its fullest at 9:54 a.m. EDT […]

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Global Healing Meditation - Drs. Joy and Roy Martina

Missed the LIVE Global Heart Healing Meditation? Or just want to meditate with us again? Technology makes this possible for us! Woo hoo!  Meditate, Enjoy, Share, Raise Your Vibes, Choose Love. Create Inner Peace & Global Peace With Us. >> Press Play On The Video To Listen To The Meditation To download your free Angel Meditation […]

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