Heart Healing in Italy: 7. – 8. February 2015
Heart HealingThis weekend we will be in Lake Garda to teach our workshop on Heart Healing and launch our two books on Heart Healing and Sleep Your Fat Away! We are excited to show you how to let go of past pain, utilize the power of the heart and bring new healing into your life.

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Stress Free Life in Holland: 13. February
Come to the new book presentation of Roy in Thermen Bussloo. It will be an afternoon discovering how to live a stress-free life!

Language: Dutch
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Gladiator’s Mind in Holland : 14. February
gladiators mindRoy will conduct this one-day workshop to teach the mindset of winning. This day will be focused on achieving goals, making more money and how to become more successful.

It will focus on how to use the law of attraction to your advantage.

Language: English
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Breakthrough! in Holland: 15. February
Mauern durchbrechenRoy introduces Breakthrough Strategies to show you practical techniques to improve your quality of life. It will be a fun day of working on yourself.

Language: Dutch
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All in One Christallin Practitioner in Germany: 24. – 29. June 2015
Our annual Christallin workshop in Solingen, Germany. We have called it “All In One Christallin Practitioner” as we are synergizing the best techniques and methods to create a system that will work for beginners and the more advanced! The first day is an introductory day for beginners to explain the basics of energy work and muscle testing. If you have been to our workshops before or are an experienced healer you are also welcome to join on this day to refresh your skills and use the day to network with new people.

On the other days, we will be introducing some new techniques and are dividing the days into themes: Body, Mind, Heart, Soul & Spirit. Each day will have some surprises and offer new twists on some classics.

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