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Online Events & Webinars are a great way for us to connect to you. They offer us the possibility to inform you about our life enhancing programs … at no cost for you.

Our promise: We always teach you valuable techniques you can use right away! We want you to always benefit from watching one of our educational webinars. At the end of the webinar we make you an attractive offer and give you a gift. Our aim is to offer you uplifting, encouraging information every time.

Our current webinars are:


This is a very special series that has been impacting & opening the hearts of thousands across the globe. You can have a Personal Revolution through these FREE Transformational Heart Healing Sessions while joining thousands around the globe doing the same to affect wide-spread positive change!

Access the FREE Heart Healing Sessions here:


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Heart Healing Sessions are less than 20 minutes each. You can just do the one session that calls to you the most, or do all 5.

We recommend blocking off 1 hour per day to complete the 5 sessions over these 2 days we are making them freely available. 

>> Unlock the power of your heart to have your best year ever in 2016!

Sleep Your Fat Away

For years we have been jealous of those who are naturally skinny and can eat everything without it affecting their waistline. Now you can learn their subconscious state of mind! Train your brain while you sleep and acquire the same disposition as naturally skinny people.  We also will teach you 4 secrets so you can lose weight naturally without ever having to diet or sweat in aerobic classes. If you have a few or many pounds to lose: there is no time to lose! Start today by watching this free webinar! Click here

I am – 

In the ups and downs of everyday life, it’s quite normal to have an alternation of great days and not so great days. At times we find it easy to feel grateful and happy with the life we have created. And sometimes we can get so caught up with our own inner drama that we allow our emotions to control us and get into a stuck state. We can become stuck in our subjective feelings, jump to conclusions and into the role of being a victim and become masters at limiting ourselves. We can mistake our thoughts for what is really going on and forget all about the incredible power we all have within us. This webinar is about how to step out of the drama and into your dharma simply by realizing who you really are. Come let’s explore some questions and find answers together. Click here { display: none !important; }