What is an Oracle?

Oracles Offer Personal Channeling Sessions

Tunnel Of LoveThe big difference to other forms of psychic information is that a Christallin Oracle will contact the highest source that is guiding you or assisting you. This can be your Highest Self, your spirit guides, your Soul Personality, your guardian angels, the council you are supervised by, an Ascended Master, etc. For example when facing diseases, contact can be made directly with the body’s consciousness, which can indicate what it’s needs are and how it can be supported best. This kind of channelling is very unique and makes quite a difference in the results compared to other ways of channelling or mediumship. Our Oracles also often work together with a Coach to form a highly effective team.

For those moments in life when you

  • feel stuck and want to know how to get out of patterns
  • don’t know where to turn to, you want insight in why you are experiencing these challenges in your life
  • need some sound advice from a higher source
  • have trouble connecting and getting your own answers
  • want help from the other side
  • you have lost a loved one and have troubles letting go and want to know how they are doing
  • want to understand why certain things are happening to you
  • want to know more about a certain situation or relationship
  • you want to know if certain things come from past life and how to solve them
  • you have been struggling and see no way to solve the situation or don’t know how to let go
  • you want to have strategic advice about the direction of your life or business
  • you want to understand why certain people are in your life or you want to understand why your children are doing what they are doing.

Our specially trained Oracles can help you by giving you the guidance you are seeking for. Crystal clear answers to help you make those important choices. To get you out of the passive state of a victim into the zone of claiming your power back… and take action!
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