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Stop Smoking Package {SALE}

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Product Description

Raucher PaketHow to become a Happy Non Smoker

The complete package so you can kick the habit and free yourself.


Forget will-power and let us show you how to use the 
power of your mind. This is THE easy way to stop among and reap all the benefits like more energy, easy breathing, healthy lungs etc.

Includes 2 powerful sleep programs!

Package includes: Instructional guide (pdf), Free Webinar (see link above), 2 sets of audio files (mp3)! One set for before you quit (as a preparation phase) and one set once you quit (to 
support you and keep you on track).

Each set consists of short audios to use as a pep talk 
and/or short meditation plus a sleep program. The audio is set up to represent a special stop smoking hypnotherapy and by listening to the stop smoking meditation, success is guaranteed.

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