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  An intense and spectacular training for our CIRCLES members in June 2014: Here is what one of our Italian participants has to say about his experience! Testimonials: 

An intense and spectacular training for our CIRCLES members in June 2014:

Here is what one of our Italian participants has to say about his experience!

Testimonials from our live workshop in Germany 2014:

Christallin Source Healing – Change your DNA, change your life!

Top Trainer, Elfried from Curacao:

Holistic Medical Doctor, Reinhard from Germany:

Top Coach, Patrizia from Italy:

Medical Doctor, specialized in Osteopathy, Veronika from Austria:

Dr. Joy Martina & Dr. Roy Martina MD in China – Beijing 2014

Our greatest pleasure is receiving the feedback we get from our fantastic clients. Seeing what leaps and bounds they have taken, hearing their success stories and how they were able to transform their lives for the better gives us goose bumps of delight – every time!

Read here what others say and enjoy their joy!

United Nations, Vienna, Austria:

Vereinte NationenOn behalf of the Vienna International Centre’s Body, Mind & Spirit Club, I would like to thank you both again for the lecture you presented.  We have had an overwhelmingly enthusiastic feedback.  The style of your presentation – so informative, deeply relevant, spiritual, yet down-to-earth and highly practical for daily life… we were all enthralled. I also want to reiterate our gratitude for your incredible generosity. You both are people who live, inspire and lead by example.

Teddy Garcia, Wake Forest, USA:

Teddy GArcia“Over the past 30 years I’ve tried everything to quit smoking: nicotine gum, patches, wellbutrin, electric cigarettes and hypnosis several times. Each time I would have some level of success for a period of time but eventually would start smoking again. I spent just 30 minutes working with Roy and Joy Martina, as they led me through a completely soothing, nurturing and cleansing process that completely eliminated all desire to smoke instantly. After my session with them it was as if I had never smoked. I didn’t miss or crave cigarettes at all and the thought of having one didn’t even make sense. I know now that I will finally be smoke free forever. Thank you Joy and Roy for giving me my life back and freeing me from this vicious killer once and for all!”

Monika W., Germany:

“Dear Roy! I want to share some of my experiences with CSH: Last August I had really a big problem with my front teeth. I had 2 apicoectomy followed by a bad inflammation, with the result that these teeth were loose and I lost the papillae of my gum around these teeth.

I worked on it with Emotional Balance…nothing really happened. I worked on it with CSH, I could not see or feel a difference… Today I had a dental appointment, where the dentist more or less wanted to rebuild the papillae with a surgical intervention. I was just sitting on the dentist’s chair, and the dentist wanted to start. I opened my mouth. Suddenly he said: “I can’t believe!” There ARE small papillae, which have not been here since months! We do not have to do the surgical intervention!” Then I thought of my desired outcome, when I made the CSH. And indeed the desired outcome was that the papillae should have grown not later than the planed surgical intervention… I am happy because I do not need the surgical intervention anymore and I have new papillae! And for me this was the best proof that CSH works, that I could get! THANK YOU AND JOY for CSH!!!!!”

Karen, China:

I am so lucky to have the Skype sessions with Joy. She is so neutral, as if she has no ego at a that I feel I can share every bit of my true feelings with her. She can always discover the root of my issue and help me to get rid of my old beliefs. The techniques she taught me are so powerful, I believe I have made a quantum jump already! I know “loving myself” is a life-long project and I will keep doing the “life-changing homework” Joy taught me!

Julia, Austria:

JuliaDear Joy, immediately after our session I felt so relieved and as if I had rid myself of a huge burden. I feel so “light” and can now see       my challenges from a different perspective. I am already acting in a more powerful way, feel more self confident and believe in myself again. I feel so much happier – thank you so much!

Taiyebeh, Pakistan:

I am so glad to have met you, Roy and you, Joy in this life finally. And to go this path of love and light. Right from the beginning when I started my sessions with you, I was able to make great steps in short time. And I am so grateful for this. The real breakthrough was after Roland (my husband) and I had single sessions with you, Joy. Since then I find my work has greatly improved. Thank you so much.

Angelica, Italy:

I want to thank you again so much for the sessions you both did on me during the last weekend in Riccione. It was a wonderful opportunity and took me one step closer in my process of healing and being in my full power. Now I’ll do my best to be a healthy and happy person.

Matthias, Germany:

Thank you very much for the beautiful and powerful session we had. It helped me so much and I am still processing the positive effects.

Massimo, Italy:

Massimo ItalienThe channeling with Joy was really great and packed of useful information. It is true that sometimes our skepticism sits next to us during this kind of session (at least like gentle ghost inside us doubting every “strange” unclear message), it is also true that in two different moments my guide, who spoke through you, was aware of certain unique information that you as person could not know. I am very impressed.

Also the past life regression was really interesting. In the light of what is happening in my life now, what I felt and the lesson I got in the session, this will certainly help me in future. In addition to that, I really want to thank you from the deepest part of my heart for your work, letting me feel your soul and who you are. I really thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

Christian, Germany:

I just had my first session with Joy and my first thought after the session was holy s§$%! For the first time I was able to go into a deeply relaxed state of hypnosis. All my blocks were removed. I was not sure if I was connected right from the beginning. We removed a lot of negative energy which had been stopping me. And I receive some very good answers. It was an amazing experience and I received a lot of insights. I now feel as if a ton of weight has been taken from my shoulders, Amazingly my back pain from which I have been suffering for a long time has completely gone! Thank you so much for this experience.

Lena, Belgium:

LenaSo much has changed for me. And the changes are deep. I feel freer, lighter and happier. I have stopped beating myself up about things and have stopped worrying if I am doing things right the whole time. I have more trust in myself, in life and am much more relaxed. I have more fun at work and at my college. I can’t tell you how grateful I am for getting this sense of trust back. At last I have the feeling that I can do those things in life that make me happy and satisfy me. Instead of worrying I am now looking forward to what life has to offer!

Rosmarie, Switzerland:

These 6 days of workshop were the “THE VERY BEST OF THE BEST”.  I am so grateful and happy that I was able to take part and see all the miracles that took place. You two are the most amazing teachers ever. Thank you thank you thank you!

Yannik, Holland:

Thank you, thank you, thank you for last workshop weekend “How to be Skinny” in Frankfurt!

The program was very well structured and easy to follow Chapeau! for how you did it and for your energetic, inspiring ways of sharing the information. It’s amazing how deep the hypnosis-sessions are working: I feel that this program can have a huge impact on anyone because it is works on so many levels.

Ever since the session where the gastric band was installed I am not even half as hungry as I was. I eat when I am hungry and say ‘stop’ when I don’t like ‘the food’ anymore. For me it has created a huge shift and I now know I can loose my extra weight easily.