Let’s Get Personal

The secret formula to transforming your life in record speed

You know what you’d like to change in your life?

You know what areas could do with some improvement?

That’s great! The first step is to acknowledge what you want to be different. Only when you are aware of what sucks, can you change it.

But the sad news is…

There’s no good just thinking about what you want to change.

That’s like thinking about a sandwich but not actually making one – you’d end up rather hungry, right?

You are smart because you invest in yourself 

You have come to this website for a reason. We believe this is because you know how important it is to look after yourself. That’s such a blessing!

Now is the time to take it a step further. Get up and go. Start taking steps to change and adjust your life according to your goals. Make decisions and act upon them. Be willing to take risks. Accept that you will make mistakes but know that you learn from every one of them! Failing is an essential part of succeeding.  As the famous inventor Thomas Edison so beautifully put it: “I have not failed. I only found 100,000 ways how not to make a light bulb.”

So many people are so afraid of making mistakes that they end up doing nothing and then wonder why their problems are mounting and nothing changes. In order to change your life you need to actually start doing something different.

Allow us to help you be the best you can be!

We are Joy and Dr. Roy Martina.

joy martina hdJoy is a life coach, master hypnotist, trainer and Christallin Business Oracle. Through Skype she coaches people and business owners worldwide, including China, Europe and USA. She speaks fluent German and English.







roy martina hdRoy is a holistic medical doctor, NLP master, Trainer of trainers, researcher and best-selling author of over 60 international books. He has coached celebrities, world champions and Fortune 500 managers and CEO’s.




We have dedicated our lives to help other people reach their potential. We adore assisting people all over the world, our clients come from Europe, Russia, China and the U.S. to become the best they can be, overcome obstacles and challenges in their lives. We love working together as we feel that our gifts and talents fuse so beautifully for the good of our clients.

The more stuck someone is, the more we enjoy the challenge.

In the past we even specialized in the so-called “hopeless cases”; people who have tried “everything” and find it really tough to step into their power. Be it because of health problems or emotional challenges. After years and years of experience we can truly say that we can make a positive difference to any person’s life – the only requirement is that the person wants to.

We are here for you – make use of us

Allow us to guide you through your processes and help you see the light at the end of the tunnel again.

 You are perfect, beautiful and wonderful

This becomes our truth once we realize that we are already the best we can be- we just have to start being it! We have all that it takes to lead the life that we are meant to be living. A life full of love, happiness, health and success.


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