Train Your Brain

brain-heartUncovering the well kept secret of successful achievers and seekers. Our sleep programs are a unique way of using your nightly hours in bed in a highly effective way.

Turn your sleep into healing time

While you sleep, your brain waves are automatically in deeply relaxed states such as Theta and Delta. This is when your subconscious mind is most open and receptive for positive programming as your conscious critical part of your mind is not awake to filter any information.

Train your brain to support you

Those of you who are familiar with the concept of hypnosis know of the power of the mind and what amazing results you can achieve with positive suggestions and the reprogramming of our minds: its about getting rid of the garbage like limiting beliefs, past traumas, unresolved emotions and pain and instead installing empowering beliefs, new strategies and positive suggestions.

Want to know more about the scientific background of brain training?

Dive in deeper here! Find out more your amazing capacities you are not making use of! Click here to read more.

Your personal hypnotist at your bedside every night!

Often one single session of hypnosis brings on dramatic positive changes like quitting smoking or overcoming fears. Now just think what 8 hours of positive affirmations and suggestions can do for you? That is like receiving 7 to 8 hours of hypnosis, with the added benefit of induced lucid dreaming of your desired state. The sessions are personal because you set the intention every night before sleep of what you want to achieve. We do the rest by communicating with your subconscious mind and getting it to work with your goals and desires.

Sleep your fat away?

Sleep programming is true magic if you ask us… and we are thrilled with all the superb feedback our customers are giving us since we launched the first Theta Sleep CHI program. We have seen the results with our weight loss sleep programs and our clients have shed incredible amounts of weight while they sleep.

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