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Known worldwide as a Transformational Success Couple, Dr. Roy, MD, and Dr. Joy, Psy.D., are leaders in the field of transformational change and brain training. Together they have over 40 years experience in their fields & have taught more than 250,000 people to reach their full potential in all areas of life using extremely effective techniques and tools that create Rapid Positive, Lasting Change.

Get ready to say a final "Good-Bye!" to what's not serving you... and a big "Hello World! Here I am!" with a gigantic smile on your face. They don't waste any time helping you get right on track to what you desire in life.

screen-shot-2017-01-25-at-11-43-31-amOur passion
We adore assisting people all over the world to get back on track, overcome obstacles & challenges in their lives and live their full potential.

We love working together as this fuses our gifts and talents so beautifully for the good of our clients. As husband and wife, we know about all the ups and downs in a relationship and are enjoying growing stronger together.

Our beliefs
We believe in training the mind, opening hearts and nurturing the soul to eliminate inner sabotage and make sure you achieve the goals you have set for yourself. We believe in working on ourselves– continuously, relentlessly, enthusiastically so we can be of best service to you.

joy martina hd

Joy Martina, Ph.D.

The Rapid Change Coach
It is my passion to help people discover their innate joy in life. I help them heal their subconscious conflicts, overcome challenges and get results FAST. I do strategic interventions based on intuitive sensing of the unspoken issues and find the core of the problem. My main passion in business- coaching is to help female entrepreneurs find ease in juggling all their responsibilities. I have been coaching clients on lifestyle changes for over 10 years.

Subconscious Repatterning
My specialty as an Intuitive Psychologist is working with the Subconscious Neuro-Programming of the brain and repatterning the sabotaging parts with Strategic Intervention Coaching principles. This has resulted in the weight loss program: Sleep Your Fat Away and Start Listening to your Body.

Executive Corporate Coaching
Part of my services is strategic consulting to corporate executives all over the world. Whether it’s finding the blocks for under performance and health challenges or streamlining teams and assisting executives with core decisions.

Expertise & Training
My expertise is rapid lasting change using my wide spectrum of techniques:
Certified Omega Life & Business Coach; Master Intuitive Hypnotist; Trainer, Teacher and Author; ICON Christallin Oracle; Certified Virtual Gastric Band Therapist; Certified Weight Loss Expert; Pong Youp breathing technique Trainer; Remote Viewer (trained by Ex-CIA agent David Moorehouse); Quantum Hypnotist (Dolores Cannon); Matrix Energetics Practitioner (trained by Richard Bartlett) –and I also have a Masters in Communication Sciences, have worked in the Fashion and Beauty Industry as a certified Personal Stylist. My clients being high-ranking politicians and celebrities such as the author Paulo Coelho. So where in the past I used to work on getting people look their best, I now work from the inside out …and what a difference that makes!

Author, Trainer & Researcher
I am the co-author of 6 books and have trained Coaches in the USA, China and Europe. I lead the ICON-(International Christallin Oracles Network), a dedicated group of gifted Oracles/Channellers that continues training and doing Remote Viewing research on the future.

Roy Martina

MD, Author, Trainer, Researcher

I am a medical doctor specialized in holistic therapies, anti-aging lifestyle, and fitness.

Bridging the gap between medical science and holistic research
I have developed many holistic therapies and created what is now known as Omega Health Coaching, which I have been teaching to thousands of students worldwide for  25 years.

Martina Academy in Beijing China

In 2016 we founded our Omega Healing Academy in China, where we train trainers and therapists to help solve the myriad of medical challenges China is facing right now.

Trainer of Trainers
I have been teaching all over the world for 30 years. I have trained over 250,000 people including doctors, professors, therapists, coaches, and managers worldwide.

Corporate strategic consultant
I am a strategic consultant to businesses and assist in creating the optimal flow in the workforce for increased productivity and diminishing the absenteeism by disease. I have given in house workshops to companies such as KLM, Coopers & Lijbrand, ABN-AMRO Bank, and many others.

Prolific Author
I have written over 75 books; several of these have been translated into more than 12 languages. My world best seller is called “Emotional Balance”(Hay House). Over 2 million books have been sold.

Passionate about Life
I am passionate about health, longevity, and fitness. I am also an 8th degree Black Belt Martial Arts Instructor and became world champion in full contact karate. I have been in martial arts since I was 6 years old and have won over 400 matches.

Allow Us to Help You
… be the best you can be
… transform your life
… so you can fall in love with life and yourself again!

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