Emergency Coaching
3 Sessions for $1000
Sometimes you hit rough patches in your emotional or physical health journey and simply need some professional, fast help. 

Dr. Joy Martina's unconventional approach towards coaching and her incredible success rates are based on her ability to combine a wide range of modalities and her skill of connecting to the unconscious parts of the brain. She is able to tap into her clients’ subconscious and higher mind to reveal the original cause of the issue that her client is struggling with. The secret to rapid (and lasting!) change depends on the ability to change the reactionary patterns, which influence the way the client experiences reality. Joy does this with her VIP clients in 1-1 sessions and with large groups in countries around the globe, where she takes them through powerful and fun processes with cycles of mental and emotional clearing that give incredible yet tangible results.

Dr. Joy’s approach is an eclectic combination of several methods such as NLP, Strategic Intervention Coaching (finding the cause and transforming it), Hypnosis, Omega Health Coaching (finding the stress patterns that cause disease), Sixth and Seventh Sense (Intuition and Precognition), Brain-Resetting (changing the beliefs that inhibit the desired outcome) and other brain-training principles to change the limiting patterns into empowering patterns. 

​​​​​​​What You Get:
Session 1:  Intake questionnaire and a 60-90 minute assessment, goal setting & coaching session to clear the root of your main sabotaging pattern.

Session 2: 1 hour follow up coaching & additional clearing session to transform any further blocks connected to the main challenge in your life.

Session 3: 30 minute final strategy & evaluation session with easy to follow action steps to keep you moving towards your heart desires.
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What Others Are Saying:
"I highly recommend you apply to be considered for this exclusive experience."

Lisa Sasevich 
The Queen of Sales Conversion
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"My session with Joy was an incredible experience! She is such a calming force with fantastic abilities. Now I know why she is the “Psychic Psychologist!”  Joy confirmed all those things I had always sensed and never spoken, without ever meeting me before my personal retreat. After following the guidance we found together through my own inner wisdom, I am healing and getting much better. I feel strong again and life is all new."

Thank you, Peter

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"Everyone needs a coach. Drs. Joy & Roy are mine."
- Emre, Germany