The Power of the Spring Equinox

The Power of the Spring Equinox Each spring is marked with the strike of the equinox and the powerful energy of the full moon surrounding it. You might not be aware of the calendar date but can feel it in the days leading up to it as spring teases us with sneak peeks of what…
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Benefits of Brain Training

Ten years ago, smartphones as we now know them weren’t even invented yet. Forty years ago, personal computers were just being released. Technological advancements are growing exponentially year by year and with it, a world of 24-hour connection and potential for productivity. It’s no surprise that in America, the average person is sleeping an entire…
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How You Create Ripples of Peace [Scientifically Proven]

Did you know that by collectively and intentionally raising our vibrations, we can literally create more peace in the world? It’s true! And here’s proof… According to the World Peace Organization and extensive studies over the last several decades, collective meditation has proven to reduce crime rates and terrorism and even increase economic prosperity. We…
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