The Joy Manifesto: 10 Rules for a Blissful Life

Living a JOYful life begins with letting go of everything that no longer serves your Higher Purpose. When you free yourself from negativity, anger, and sadness, you open yourself up to gratitude, happiness, and grace. My Joy Manifesto is your blueprint for living a blissful life that lights your soul on fire! Follow these 10…
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event attendee connecting to higher self

Forging a Stronger Higher Self Connection

In our always-on, ever-connected world, we often overlook the most important type of connection: our connection to our Higher Selves – that wise, compassionate part of ourselves (feel free to name this as you please, we use HS because we feel this is most neutral term). When properly maintained, this connection can bring clarity and…
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Missed the LIVE Global Heart Healing Meditation? Or just want to meditate with us again? Technology makes this possible for us! Woo hoo!  Meditate, Enjoy, Share, Raise Your Vibes, Choose Love. Create Inner Peace & Global Peace With Us. >> Press Play On The Video To Listen To The Meditation Join the Christallin Coaching Community:
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Re-Defining The F** Word (FAT): Part 3

The BRAIN It’s the most powerful tool we can use to support us in all areas of life, including body weight management. All we really need to do to be happy, healthy, and confident in our lives and in our bodies is to start listening to our natural, inner wisdom. How? By engaging the power…
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Dr. Roy’s Ever Popular "Angel Meditation"

How To Change Your Frequency To Change Your Reality: Connect With Angelic Energy This is by far one of the most listened to meditations Dr. Roy has recorded that has been translated into multiple languages. Over 100,000 downloads of the Italian Version alone…  About Dr. Roy Martina, M.D.: Renowned Medical Doctor,  Specialist in Holistic Therapies, Executive Coach, Best…
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