5 Quantum Laws to Create a Happier Life

There are five Quantum laws we must follow to create a happier life. Everything that exists outside of us also exists within us. It’s important that we check the place from which we’re manifesting and take back the power to create in ways that are congruent to our goals.  #1 The Law of Manifestation This…
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Be Confident Online Conference | Ande Anderson & Joy Martina

If you enjoyed my interview, you’ll love the free Be Confident Online Conference & 7-Day Challenge! Tune in right here: https://www.avaiya.com/be-confident/?ap_id=jmartina To watch the entire Be Confident Online Conference & 7-Day Challenge, join us here: https://www.avaiya.com/be-confident/?ap_id=jmartina To watch 29 other incredible confidence-building interviews, tune in for the Be Confident Online Conference & 7-Day Challenge here!…
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Identifying How “People Pleasing” Effects Your Life

The following is an excerpt from Dr. Joy Martina’s 2018 Amazon bestseller: How to Use Your Intuition to Change your Life. You can purchase the book here. Most of us have been conditioned to believe that we need to please others before we’re allowed to please ourselves. This is especially true for girls and women, although…
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