How Love Notes Can Reprogram the Subconscious

  A Simple Practice to Reprogram Your Mind: Personal Love Notes On this special day, we want to share a fun practice where we create lasting impressions of self-love that will stay with you throughout the season and beyond. This activity is very simple, taking less than 5 minutes, and transcends many complex practices in effectiveness.…
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the 7 chakras

7 Levels of Being Stuck: How to Use Your Chakras as a Guide

Learn to Use Your Chakras as a Healing Tool The 5 elements – Earth, Metal, Water, Wood and Fire – come from the Chinese concept of acupuncture. The purpose of acupuncture was to prevent disease, live longer and increase vitality. It was first created to reverse the effects of ageing. The Emperor of China had research…
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grace arms outstretched at beach

Why Opening Your Heart Is The Gateway To The Best Version Of You!

Find a comfortable spot and take a moment to imagine… Being able to hear your heart speak in a clear voice to you! Being able to be guided on the path to become the greatest grandest version of you! Being able to break through your sabotage and becoming more and more inspired every day to…
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loving and accepting others

Loving & Accepting Others Just as They Are

Potluck suppers, cocktail hours, family gatherings, park playdates, brunch with friends… Phew. All of this togetherness is a wonderful, joyous thing. But, it can also lead to a little friction. Did your partner plan something without asking you again? Did your child arrange 3 playdates in one day? When you start to feel frazzled or…
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Ayurvedic Tips for Winter Health

As the days grow shorter and colder, it’s important to protect your health. The following tips will help you release stress, find peace, and feel happy inside and out! Without further ado, here are our Ayurvedic tips for optimum winter health! Ayurveda is a harmonizing system of medicine dating back thousands of years. The premise…
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