Emotional Balancing Self-Loving Power Break AUDIO by DR. JOY MARTINA

Welcome to your Mini Power-Break Audio!

A Great Way To Connect To The Higher Vibrations Of Love And Positivity In Only 6 Minutes!

“Experience the divine, loving energy of the universe flowing through you!”

It is your birthright to live fully, freely and at peace as your authentic self.

Dr. Joy Martina, “The ((Highly)) Intuitive Psychologist,” put this audio together for you TODAY to give you the exact thing you need to hear right now so you can worry less, love more and release all heaviness. Together we are going to make great leaps this week.

This power break is an excerpt from the Sleep Your Fat Away.

Get ready for a shift in the way your look at health and please do your part, feel inspired, and get connected…..


Join my Free Online Training here to discover the Effortless way to Re-discover a Lighter you:

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Blessings to you on your journey of health, wealth, happiness and healing!

~ The Team @ Christallin 


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