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Here you will find a wide array of digital programs and products created by Drs. Joy & Roy Martina using brain training to help you improve any and all areas of your life and become your Greatest, Grandest Self. From our highest level programs to packaged meditations to single meditations to e-books and more, there is something here for everyone!

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Signature Programs

Our signature programs are where you will find the most intensive and extensive brain training work we offer. Each of these programs offers high level support to help you achieve optimal health, wealth or wellness. Explore the programs in greater depth by clicking on any of the buttons below, and if you have any questions as to whether these programs would be a good fit for you, visit our guide here and submit any questions you might have.

Digital Programs

These digital brain training programs are packaged to help with you with specific areas of your life such as weight loss, wealth and success, stress relief and more. These programs include such resources as series of meditations, video training, and complementary PDFs or workbooks. Click on the individual products to get a full description and to purchase. All programs are digital downloads and are available immediately upon purchase.

Live Trainings

Drs. Joy & Roy conduct live trainings all around the world from China to Holland to Italy to the U.S. Some of these are captured via livestreaming or are recorded, and we are able to pass on these special trainings to you.


These meditations are single downloads designed to clear subconscious sabotage and self-limiting beliefs, raise your vibration and simply relax and let go. All meditations are digital downloads and are available immediately upon purchase.




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